sightseeing Rotterdam, on the river “de Maas”. Points of interest, achitecture and more. Come on board of one of our high speed powerboats and experience this City from a different perspective.
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Safety and Insurance

  • Safety

    Your safety and comfort are the most important to us.
    We are the largest speedboat operator of RIB voyages in the UK and being the original provider of such experiences have set the industry standard others are now expected to follow.
    We work closely with the Port Authority of Rotterdam to bring in new safety codes, modes of operation and analyse how the industry can be safely improved.

    P&I Insurance

    Should you require copies of our P&I Insurance, we will be happy to e-mail this to you in advance of your booking. If you require risk assessments then these are available to view, upon request.

    Medical conditions & Pregnancy

    Unfortunately this experience is not suitable for expectant mothers at any stage during their pregnancy. And are also not recommended for anybody with a past or current back, neck or heart condition due to the unpredictable nature of the Maas.

  • Safety equipment

    All our RIB’s carry all the up-to-date safety equipment.

    Adults Automatic Lifejackets

    Adults are fitted with top of the range automatic lifejackets. They would inflate on contact with the water but also feature a manual inflation toggle. They are sleek, one size fits all and completely adjustable for your comfort.


    Toddlers are fitted with expert orange colored foam toddler’s jackets.


    Our skippers are in constant communication via radio with the Port Authority, other commercial operators and water police. We have been called to assist emergency situations on the river. We are not only a commercial operator, but are well respected within the river community and help wherever possible.











Schipper in opleiding